The 3 Absolute Best Juicing Containers

The 3 Absolute Best Juicing Containers

One of the few downsides to juicing is that it is very easy to juice way more than you need. When that happens a lot of ill prepared juicers opt to simply throw the remaining juice away.

This is a terrible idea. By throwing away the remaining juice you are cheating yourself out of a steady supply of juice. You need to save it. The best way to save juice is to make sure that you’re using a masticating juicer and that you’re using a good storage container. Here are some of the things you need to consider when buying juicing containers.

Storing At Home

There are a million different kind of containers you can use if you want to store your juice at home. One of the most popular storing options is that of mason jars. Mason jars are extremely common and can be found in just about any super market.

However, mason jars are designed for long term storage and their lids are not the best in the world for pouring, which is why a lot of the time food and juice left in mason jars ends up going to waste. Your best bet is to use a container with a ready-to-pour lid. This will make it easy to get to your juice when you want something to trick while still keeping it relatively fresh.

If you are intending to store your juice for a long period of time, however, then mason jars may actually be the way to go. When you use mason jars you are cutting them off from oxygen contact which can make it incredibly easy to keep the juice fresh.

On top of that, mason jars are very easy to clean out and reuse. Juice shouldn’t be stored longer than 24 to 48 hours or so, even if you used a masticating juicer.

Store Quickly

Keeping your juice fresh is important but it is more difficult than many people think. If you take a few minutes after juicing to put the juice into a container then you are letting its freshness die quickly. This is because the fruits and vegetables have been broken down and once they are exposed to oxygen they begin to break down even further.

You want to get your juice cut off from oxygen and into the fridge as soon as possible. The cold temperatures in your fridge will further prevent the juice from breaking down.

On The Go

What’s most important is the numerous health benefits of juicing that are available to anyone who uses a variety of veggies and fruits. This makes it really popular among people who like to stay in shape. If you are on the move and trying to stay in shape then juice is great. You want to have a container that can go on the move with you. Single serving containers are highly recommended. Anything bigger than that would simply be over kill.

We Choose These

Aquasana 18-oz Glass Bottles

Aquasana 18-ounce glass water bottles are great for holding single servings of juice to drink throughout the day. They’re not cheap, but they’re designed specifically to be re-used and take up less space in your refrigerator than a large round mason jar. For on the go, you can also get silicone sleeves for them to make them easier to handle.

Stainless Steel Thermos

Stainless steel thermoses weigh less than glass bottles and mason jars and they can keep your juice cold for up to 12 hours at a time. You want to keep the size of the thermos down to something that will just fit the amount of juice you’re going to be putting in it because of oxidation. The more full you can make it, the longer your juice is going to taste fresh and bright.

Mason Jars

It’s hard to beat the classic mason jar with a lid if you’re storing multiple juices or storing at home for the day. You want to keep different sizes of these around, though, since juice does oxidize quite quickly. You want to be able to fill the jar up as close to the top as you can to eliminate air. If you want to help prevent oxidation even further, you can even pump the air out of these if you buy an air pump for them.