10 Health Benefits of Juicing Beets

10 Health Benefits of Juicing Beets

Beet roots have been in existence for thousands of years. Their intensely colored antioxidant juice is rich in iron, potassium, folate, carotenoids and nitrate. A number of studies have confirmed the healing power of beet juice and attest to its healing capabilities.

It also tastes great in juices, particularly when mixed with other fruits (such as carrot juice and cucumber and apple juice). Along with the many diseases that it fights against, you also feel rejuvenated and uplifted after a glass or two. In order to reap the health benefits of beets, it is worth making an effort to include it in your diet plan.

You’re going to be extremely surprised by the amount of benefits you get from juicing beets, but you’ll be absolutely astonished at the benefits of juicing in general when you look at the variety of fruits and vegetables available.

1. Improves stamina

Researchers have shown that drinking beet root juice increases your stamina and can help you exercise for close to 16% longer. These findings may be of great interest to athletes, elderly people or people with cardiovascular, metabolic or respiratory diseases.

The nitrate contained in beet root juice leads to the reduction in oxygen usage, making training less tiring.

Drinking beet root juice on a daily basis reduces oxygen usage to the scope that can’t be attained by other means, including exercise.

2. Stabilizes blood sugar

Almost fat-free and low in calories, you will get all the sweetness of beetroot without the sugar. This versatile root can help stabilize blood sugar as it is low in Glycemic Load meaning sugar is slowly converted, so you do not get the sugar rush rapidly followed by the inescapable crash. 

Therefore, if you are trying to prevent your blood sugar from reaching a perilous high, it helps to incorporate more of this vegetable into your diet beginning today.

3. Lowers blood pressure

High blood pressure is an epidemic among a majority of people because of stress, poor diet, and lack of exercise. This condition always calls for medical attention and may lead to serious, life-threatening conditions such as stroke.

Drinking one glass of beet root juice on a daily basis is enough to drastically reduce blood pressure in patients who suffer from this condition.

Of course, this does not mean you should stop taking your medication if you suffer from high blood pressure.

4. Improve blood circulation

Another little-known health benefit of beet juice is its ability to improve blood circulation to the brain in older adults, which might be able to fight the development of dementia.

Beet root is rich in nitrates, which are turned into nitrites by the bacteria in your mouth. Nitrites open blood vessels in your body, improving blood circulation and oxygen to parts of the body that lack it.

Beets are also helpful in cases of heart trouble as well as varicose veins.

5. Fights against cancer

When it comes to foods that help ward off cancer, beets are at the top of everybody’s list nowadays. Betacyanin, a pigment that gives beetroots their deep crimson color, is a powerful cancer-fighting component. The pigment makes beets unique and valuable since it is naturally found in a limited number of plant families.

Beet roots are also rich in fiber. Betacyanin and fiber combination makes beet root great at fighting cancer. Simply add a cup of beets to your diet every day to significantly reduce your cancer risks.

6. Reduces stress and depression

Mental stress and depression reduction are some more of the numerous beet root juice benefits. For those that may not know, our bodies contain enough dopamine floating in our central nervous system where we feel euphoric, focused and controlled motor movements.

If you have low levels of dopamine, you cannot show remorse for the wrong things. Beet roots contain Betaine, an amino acid, and antidepressant agent which promotes the production of dopamine.

7. Fights against dementia

Another little-known health benefit of beet juice is its ability to slow the development of dementia. A number of studies have shown that a daily glass of beet root juice can help fight the onset of dementia, especially in older adults.

High concentrations of nitrates found in beets play a significant role in increasing blood flow and oxygen to places that lack oxygen, such as your brain within a short period. Beet root’s folate also helps prevent dementia as studies show it can help protect against dementia.

8. Detoxifies the liver

Beet root juice contains a compound known as betacyanin which helps the body to ward off all harmful toxins. This compound improves liver functioning, encourages liver cleansing, and protects the liver from excessive consumption of alcohol.

There are indications that this compound can heal kidney and liver illnesses. This comprises promising findings, especially regarding the accumulation of fatty deposits found in the liver triggered by excessive alcohol consumption, diabetes or protein deficiency.

9. Boost glutathione

Beet root juice also boosts the body’s production of a substance known as glutathione. This compound is known as the master antioxidant and detoxifier of the body. Almost every cell of the body requires it to counteract toxins.

Thus, our bodies need this component to protect our skin, kidneys, liver, eyes, and other organs from chemical wastes that are naturally produced by the body via metabolism. Deficiency of glutathione toxins is known to trigger many health problems.

10. Protects against birth defects

Beets are rich in folic acid which when consumed by expectant mothers have been shown in a number of studies to minimize the risk of birth defects. Folic acid is involved in the development of new body cells as well as the maintenance of the existing ones.

To prevent the likelihood of having babies with such serious birth defects as cleft palate, cleft lip, and different kinds of heart defects, physicians recommend B vitamin folate in the pregnant mother’s diet.


In conclusion, beet roots have for several years managed to fly below the radar, but their secret healing capabilities are becoming more popular. In this case, it is its juice that yields the most benefits, and you need to make it a regular addition to your diet if you are interested in avoiding unpleasant diseases and encouraging healthful habits.

If you don’t enjoy the taste, it is worth getting used to it. A majority of drinkers say that it is an acquired flavor, and although they started off disliking it, they came to enjoy it. Play around with different combinations of fruits mixed with the beet root. Doing so can be another way for you to enjoy all of the benefits if you don’t like the taste of juiced beet root on its own.