There are dozens of reasons why you might be looking for an inversion table, simply because of the numerous benefits. Back pain is the most common reason, but you also might be looking to improve fibromyalgia symptoms, improve your breathing or circulation, reduce stress, or improve your mental health. No matter which reason you have, you have to do your research before you spend your money.

Making a large purchase for your health can be daunting. You are willing to spend the money, but you want to make sure that your money is going to benefit your health. With so many options, how do you choose?



A great table is going to be sturdy and be able to support your weight.


Some inversion tables include heating elements that can help soothe the back muscles.


Some tables are more expensive, but you get what you pay for.  A free trial can help with the initial cost, though.

Teeter Hangups EP-560 Inversion Table

We’ll help you narrow down your purchase with this selection of the five best inversion tables. We’ve chosen five so that you can choose the best one based on your needs. Choose from the best overall table, the most comfortable, the best value, the best mini table, and the best high weight capacity table.

Even though most inversion tables look very similar, they’re definitely not all created equal. Teeter has been the leading name in inversion tables for decades and with good reason. You get what you pay for and when you pay for a Teeter, you get a quality product produced by a company that specializes in inversion tables.

  • UL Listed – Teeter makes the only inversion tables certified by UL
  • Pre-Set Angle Control
  • Balanced for smooth and quiet rotation
  • Full 180 degree inversion is easy
  • Lumbar bridge for a deeper stretch
  • Auto-locking hinges
  • High quality carbon steel
  • Acupressure Nodes included for pressure point pain relief
  • 5 bonus DVD routines
  • Can accommodate anyone from 4’8” to 6’6” tall
  • Max weight: 300lbs

The Best Rated Inversion Table In Safety

Teeter HangUps is the only inversion table brand that is listed to UL 1647, which is the standard that effectively tests inversion tables for every day use. When you want an inversion table that passes strength and endurance tests, Teeter is what you’re looking for.

No Gimmicks

There’s nothing added to the Teeter Hangups inversion tables that isn’t directly beneficial to the user. They’re made of heat-treated steel, roller bearings that don’t squeak (quality products shouldn’t squeak!), and have auto-locking hinges for your safety.

No Shortcuts, Either

Light inversion tables are typically flimsy and not very safe to be laying upside down on. Teeter Hangups inversion tables don’t cut corners on construction quality to make a cheaper product.

Easy To Use

This inversion table come with a laminated owner’s manual, so you don’t have to worry about the instruction booklet degrading over time or being ruined if it gets wet. The instructions will stick with you for a while.

It also comes with an instructional DVD with five 10 to 20 minutes of stretching exercises.

Superior Ankle Support

Other brands of inversion table are skimpy on the ankle support. There’s just no nice way to say it. When inverting, proper ankle support is critical to avoid damage to the ankle joints long term.  The supports on the Teeter Hangups EP-560 table are curved, so they will reduce pressure on your ankles when you’re inverting.

Great Weight and Height Limit

The EP-560 can accomodate people between 4ft 8in tall and 6ft 6in tall. The weight limit is 300lbs.

Teeter Has A 30 Year Old Reputation For Quality

Teeter was founded in 1981 and is still going strong today. It’s the most reliable brand of inversion tables on the market and is the leader in the industry.

A Warranty That Can't Be Beaten

The Teeter Hangups EP-560 comes with a comprehensive 5-year warranty that covers manufacturing defects in materials, workmanship, fabrics, and padding. 

Promax Inversion Table

The Promax is a great inversion table, but it’s a bit pricey.  Worth it, though, if you need to lay on your stomach inverted or if you’re severely overweight.  This table can hold up to 600lbs.

Depending on your personal preferences, you may achieve more pain relief by laying on this table face down instead of face up.  Try both and see which works for you.

  • 6 preset angles
  • Full 180 degree inversion is easy
  • Can accommodate anyone from 4’9” to 6’9” tall
  • Max weight: 600lbs


It’s capable of completely inverting backwards (a full 180 degree inversion!) and can lock in at 6 different angles and adjust to up to 25 different heights. All while supporting an outstanding 600lbs. The additional weight capacity and the capability of inverting a full 180 degrees is probably largely responsible for the hefty $799 price tag.

Exercise Face Up Or Face Down: Your Choice

You don’t have to exercise on this one face up only; this table is also capable of allowing you to invert and exercise face down.

High Price, Crappy Warranty

For a price tag of $799, you’d expect a better warranty. The Promax warranty comes in at a flimsy 1 year, which pales in comparison to Teeter’s 5 year warranty.

For this reason, I can’t recommend this inversion table for anyone who intends to have multiple people using it, whether at home or in a commercial setting.

The only solid reason someone should purchase this inversion table over others is if they are over the Teeter Hangups 300lb weight limit.

Body Champ Inversion Table

The Body Champ is a great table to start out with if you’re on a budget.  This table can old up to 250lbs and performs much the same as other inversion tables on the market.

  • Pull-pin adjustment system
  • Spring-loaded pull-pin for ankle adjustment
  • Hand rails for stability
  • Can accommodate anyone from 4’7” to 6’8” tall
  • Folds for easy storage
  • Safety strap for added control
  • Max weight: 250lbs

Budget Friendly Starter Inversion Table

This is a good table if you don’t have a lot of money to spend and you don’t know whether inversion therapy will work for you. When you’re on a budget, it can be hard to come up with the money it takes to pay for a higher quality table such as the Teeter Hangups EP-560.

So, if you need to try inversion therapy first and spend a lesser amount of money, this is the table you’ll want to get. Other than that, there’s not much special about it.

Ironman IFT 4000 Infrared Inversion Table

The Ironman IFT 4000 is a heated inversion table and is the only heated table on this list. Here are the specs:

  • Carbon fiber heating elements to soothe muscles
  • Pull-pin release system for ease of operation
  • Foam roller and ankle cushions for stability and safety
  • Hand rails for stability
  • Can accommodate anyone from 4’10” to 6’6” tall
  • Remote control & mesh pocket to store it in
  • Safety strap included
  • Max weight: 350lbs

Soothe Back Pain With Far Infrared Therapy Heat Technology

Almost everyone who has chronic back pain has used a heating pad to help with pain relief, so combining that comforting heat with inversion therapy seems to be a no-brainer. Ironman succeeds in combining the two with the IFT 4000. The relaxation that this table offers is superior to other tables that don’t offer heat therapy.

Heat Increases Blood Circulation And Can Decrease Stress

Heat can help relax muscles and relieve sprains faster than they would heal normally. It can also help to dissipate stress.