QuickZip Review: How Fitted Sheets Have Finally Been Replaced

QuickZip Review: How Fitted Sheets Have Finally Been Replaced

As a mom and a wife, fitted sheets are the biggest pain for me when it comes to house work concerning the kids beds (We have a sleep tracking system for our bed). I hate folding th– or, well, rolling them up in a ball and shoving them in the closet… because no one cares about the wrinkles on the fitted sheet once it’s on the bed… right? Washing them, drying them, storing them, putting them on the bed, It’s all a pain.


Because I'm Quite Tired Of:

  • Back Pain
  • Corner’s Popping Off
  • Not Being Able To Fold Them Properly
  • Changing Them on Bunk Beds
  • Smashing Knuckles Trying To Make Them Fit
  • Needing a Second Person To Change Them Quickly

There’s nothing that makes you feel more luxurious than nice, clean sheets. Curling up in a downy bed of softness can remove all the stress from your day quickly.

The problem is, if you toss and turn or if your bed is in a difficult place, the constant trouble of adjusting a fitted sheet can be maddening. That’s not even to mention the classic pain that comes with trying to neatly fold and store fitted sheets. If you have children, the problem is the same.

If this sounds like you, keep reading, because there’s a great solution that lets you keep all of the comfort and luxury of nice sheets while removing the trouble.

Fitted Sheets Are A Pain To Deal With

When you toss and turn at night, the corners pop off and you wake up with your sheets all balled up under you. This can cause you to sleep in uncomfortable positions and even increase the amount of restlessness you feel. Think about it. Once the sheets get wrinkled under you, part of your tossing and turning is probably to get comfortable again!

QuickZip sheets offer a solution. The base is attached to your mattress with a huge elastic strap. It’s held snugly on there and will rarely need to be removed. The top sheet zips onto the base with an easy access, sturdy zipper.

When it’s time that you’d normally wash your sheets, you just unzip the top sheet and wash it, zipping your spare top sheet on in it’s place. This means that no matter how hard you toss and turn, your sheets will stay right where they are!

That's Genius! But, Show Me How They Work?

Depending on what size mattress you need them for, QuickZip works two different ways: with a fitted base or a drop-in base.

It's Simple! All You Have To Do Is...


And You're Done!

It's So Easy Your Kids Can Do It Themselves

Most people change their sheets once every week or two. Going through that process with all the beds in your house can be time consuming and a literal pain in your back. This is even more true if your children sleep on futons or bunk beds.

If you have a fold out couch for company, that’s another set of sheets that’s a pain to deal with, even if you only use it every once in awhile. With QuickZip sheets, most children can pull their own top sheet off and even help put a new one back on.

It’s as simple as unzipping the dirty sheet and zipping back on a clean one. Your guests will love these, whether they are on a queen size or a twin size bed. Their sheets won’t ever come off.

QuickZip Sheets Are Easy To Change On Hard-to-Reach Beds.

Not every bed is set right in the middle of the room. If one side of your bed is against a wall or it’s hard to get to every corner of your mattress, changing sheets is probably a dread. Being able to zip on sheets would provide you with a great way to keep your sheets fresh and clean without struggling, straining, and risking a fall trying to change the sheets.

This is even worse if you’re changing the sheet on a bunk bed. You have to crawl into the bottom or perch precariously on a ladder trying to pull the sheet off what is, essentially, a mattress in a box. Bunk bed sheets are usually for children, which means messes and spills too. That means changing sheets more often.

Quickzip sheets have another hidden benefit in these circumstances. You can put a waterproof pad beneath the top sheet to protect your mattress, and if there’s a mess, you can access the pad easily to change. This extends the life if your mattress and prevents the buildup of smells.

Easier To Change For People With Back Problems And Arthritis

Lifting a mattress to put on straps or tuck in sheets can be more than a simple inconvenience if you have arthritis in your hands or knees. Not to mention the problems people with back problems have stooping and crawling to change sheets. Quickzip sheets solves that problem completely.

You'll Change Your Sheets More Often

With all this trouble changing sheets, you might not be changing yours often enough. This can cause a buildup of skin oils, leading to acne on your face and body. If you have skin irritations, not changing your sheets often enough can exacerbate those problems.

It’s also hard on your sheets to spend so much time on the bed without a gentle washing. With QuickZip sheets, you’ll change them more often. Your skin and your sheets will thank you for this, and you’ll feel better snuggling down into fresh, clean smelling bedding.

QuickZip Crib Sheets Are Safer For Babies – no loose bedding!

You’ve probably thought of your sheets and the ones for your children, but there’s been no solution to the problems that come with crib sheets until now. As a parent, you’re probably concerned about your baby’s safety, and babies are great at pulling up their sheets. This can lead to suffocation if the sheets end up around your baby’s head. QuickZip crib sheets work just like regular size QuickZip sheets.

This also helps out with the mess babies can make! Diaper blowouts, spit up, and other baby messes can play havoc with your baby’s sheets. Put a waterproof pad under the top sheet to protect your crib mattress. If something happens, you just have to unzip the top sheet and bundle up the mess and your waterproof pad will be easy to pull up and change.

With standard fitted sheets, rinsing out the mess can also be tough because of the corner pockets of a fitted sheet. That’s not the case with QuickZip sheets. That means there’s no big production every time a mess is made in their crib.

With all the trouble your fitted sheets can cause, it’s a simple choice to switch to QuickZip sheets. They extend the life of your bedding, keep your skin healthier, and encourage you to change your sheets more often. They are easy for children, teens, adults, and the elderly to change, even if you have a back problem or arthritis.

If you can work a zipper, you can change your sheets, no matter how hard your bed is to reach. They also provide a solution to mess issues and bed wetting with children and babies by providing an easy way to utilize mattress protection. Once you put these sheets on your bed, they’re the last ones you’ll ever use.